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Bookkeeping for people who make the world a better place

As a CIC owner, you are get-up-and-go ready to make an impact. Your community-focused business makes a meaningful change. That's what you do best. Now let me help you with what I do best.

 Every superhero needs a sidekick. 

Running any business is hard. Running a CIC and wanting to create change for your community is probably even harder.

That's where I come in. I'll do the books and manage the day to day finance so you don’t have to.

Community Garden
Women Volunteers

You spend so much time helping other people that you forget to ask for help yourself.

 You are passionate about 

  • Supporting people and the community

  • Aligning your business with your values

  • Making a difference



  • Credit Control

  • Cash Flow reports

  • Monthly bank reconciliations

Your books take forever because you simply don't want to do them, you have to research how to do them, and you don't have the right tools to do them efficiently.

Hiring a bookkeeper (hello!) saves time, precious energy, and much-needed focus. The accounts don't need to be an unwelcome distraction from all the good you are doing.

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