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What's the difference between an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Funny you should ask. I actually wrote about this last year. You can read my blog here.

Or, to summarise, bookkeepers look after the day-to-day running of accounts. We make sure everything is recorded accurately and keep everything up-to-date.

Accountants look at the broader picture and can advise on investments and tax issues.

For some people, a bookkeeper is enough. Many businesses choose to have both a bookkeeper and an accountant.

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Eleven Accounts Colour Banner

How does your service work?

Mostly online. That's the beauty of cloud accounting software. I don't need to be sitting in your office to access everything I need.

Obviously, if you want to see me (and who wouldn't), I am happy to pop in from time to time.

I've abandoned all paperwork. Can you help?

Of course. I can come in and get your bookkeeping records up-to-date and organised.


I can set you up with cloud accounting software, like Xero and train you and your team to use it effectively.

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Eleven Accounts

Why do I need to switch to cloud accounting software?

The simple answer is because it's easy to use.


No longer are you tied to your desk in your office. You can access it anywhere and have all the information you need immediately. It gets rid of paper, meaning you are helping the planet, and it frees up time because you don't have to spend hours doing it all manually.

To find out more about why I love cloud accounting software, read my blog post.

I hate delegating. Why should I outsource?

I get it. It's your business, and it's your hard-earned cash. People find it hard to let go.


But how many times have you almost thrown your laptop out of a window because you're having to fill in another spreadsheet? How many evenings are you wasting by trying to balance the books? I think time is valuable, and not using it effectively will make you tired and irritable. And no one wants that.

Outsourcing means getting rid of the jobs you don't want to do and freeing you up to run your business, spend more time with your family or binge-watch that Netflix show everyone is talking about.

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