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LUCA Awards Hype

Today there’s been so much talk about ballgowns and sequins, it’s totally out of my comfort zone. I am so excited to have been nominated for a LUCA award (also known as The Oscars of the bookkeeping world) and finally it’s an award ceremony that we can attend in person.

After adapting to a norm where you rarely go out and lounge wear is all you have in your wardrobe, the thought of getting dolled up to go to an award ceremony is so overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time.

I am honoured to have been shortlisted for an ICB LUCA award, ‘small practice of the year’ and I am looking forward to meeting other bookkeepers. The perception that bookkeepers’ and accountants are boring is far from the reality as I experienced on a recent bookkeeping retreat! (what goes on your stays on tour!)

I’m not expecting to win an award as the competition is very tough, I am just happy to have gotten this far. This past year has been different for so many people and the changes I have made in business and in my daily life have been something I would never have imagined. Returning to nursing as a volunteer throughout the pandemic, volunteering in the community to help others in need as well as running a bookkeeping practice and being a Mum has taken its toll but it’s been worth every second. I wouldn’t change a thing!

As I look ahead to growing my bookkeeping practice with my new member of staff joining me soon, I can’t help but reflect on the achievements I have accomplished over the past year or so. I couldn’t be prouder, so award or no award I am happy with where my business is and how far I have come as a person.

So for now just keep an eye on my updates, plenty of pictures coming your way of the LUCA Awards in London on Monday, wish me luck!

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